Manufacturing Capabilities




The Manufacturing Process:


The manufacturing history of our company is as diverse as it is long. We have always prided ourselves on manufacturing everything that we could cost effectively do in-house .

This has led to a very diverse range of manufacturing skills and equipment under one roof. This also allows us to monitor quality and just in time deliveries of our components.

Our plant at Carole Park on the Brisbane  Ipswich border covers approximately 3000 sq. metres.

We take in raw materials at one end of the plant and ship out finished products from the other end.  Every item of waste material  that can be recycled is recycled so as we only send absolute minimum waste to landfill. Even our cardboard boxes used within the factory are used at least 3 times before recycling.  Our waste water is also treated onsite to a level that has no effect on the environment when put down the sewer.

Water Treatment Plant


Our in-house processes include…

Injection Moulding

In our injection moulding plant we run 2 x 150 Ton machines 1x 220 Ton and 1 x 330 Ton machine. We specialize in moulding engineering grade plastics and we do not mind short runs / manual moulding with inserts. Our moulding section supplies a number outside customers as well keeping our own production going.

Injection Moulding


One of numerous Injection Moulders

Injection Moulding

Compression Moulding

Our largest compression moulding machine is 220 Ton capacity and we have a range of smaller machines at 120 Ton , 90 Ton  etc. We mould Dough Moulding Compound which is fibre glass reinforced , Bakelite or Melamine. This type of moulding allows short runs and usually a cheaper mould construction. Components for the lighting and mining industries are made here as well as our own components.

Powerful Compression Moulders


Repetition Machining

We run a number of single spindle automatic Screw Machines and 2 Multi Spindle Davenport  Screw Machines. 19mm capacity. We make our own range of small threaded inserts for moulding into plastic products where a metal thread is required as well as nuts , bolts , spindles , other metal components.

We also manufacture small metal components for outside customers in various industries.

Multi-Spindle Automated Screw Machine

CNC Machine

Mass Finishing

Our tumblers and vibrators are ideal for polishing sharp edges of metal stampings in preparation for plating or as a finished product on stainless steel items. We specialize in brass and stainless steel components.


Burrs and sharp edges are removed by tumbling with water & smooth stones


Nickel Plating

After grinding and polishing our brass manufactured components in the mass finishing department many of these are then nickel plated to protect them from corrosion. Small components are plated using a rotating barrel system in the nickel vat with hundreds of components being plated at once.

Larger item are attached to special jigs before placing in the plating solution.

Nickel Plating

Press Shop

Sheet Brass and Stainless Steel are punched , bent , formed and riveted to produce many of the components to manufacture our range of products.

One of numerous powerful presses

Electro Polishing

Our range of Deep Sea winches are all made from quality Stainless Steel. After welding these are pickled to remove the welding burns and then using special copper jigs and up to 700 amps of electricity they are electro polished in a special solution.. The Stainless Steel components emerge from this process with almost a mirror finish.

Pad Printing

To add a professional finish to our reels and accessories many are Pad Printed with brand names or decorations . This is a specialized operation carried out by one of our expert team members. This also allows custom branding of products for clients if required.

Pad Printer

Printed Backing Plates

Spot Welding

Our Stainless Steel traditional back plates are punched and rolled then spot welded together for maximum strength.

Spot Welder


Stainless Steel production welding

The Deck Winch frames and various mounting systems are fabricated in house from quality Stainless Steel materials.

Stainless Steel Welding

Stainless Welds

Final Assembly

All our manufactured components are moved to our Final Assembly station then our skilled staff assemble our range of reels and winches with care and attention to ensure you have a great time fishing.

Final Assembly

Final Assembly