It’s all about that direct contact with your bait. You feel every bite, and fighting a fish on that 1:1 ratio is like nothing else. Has to be experienced. Every fisherman should own at least one Alvey.
“It’s the Alvey reel that fills the creel”????

Andrew Smith


I got my first alvey in 1985 and I am 42 now and was still catching good bream last week with it. Simple to use, simple to cast, simple to get longer cast distance than spinning reel, great control reeling in your fish – love my alvey range.

Nev McCreath

No eggbeater will last as long as your side cast Alvey, full control of drag speed using hand contact, take it home, dunk it in fresh water and your done, let it dry, store it away.

Nathan Pettet

Simple ! It’s finger-on-the-line FEEL. Bream-fishing in particular. You will NEVER have the same experience with an egg-beater,

Keith Chisholm

When simplicity, reliability, quality workmanship and Australian ingenuity is engineered and designed into a reel. You know it’s going to catch decent fish from the wily whiting to the giant Jew. Got to love an Alvey

Abe Kennedy

Awesome reel, the only reels I use at Fraser and has never let me down drop them in sand and salt Water and still good as new. Drop the old spinning reel in the sand and you won’t be able to turn the handle… Up the Alvey

Harry McPheat

I’ve got 2 Alvey 650-E5 bought in 1986 and they have never let me down
It’s the kind of reel that you hand down over the generations, that’s what my kids are getting

Paul Williams


Worth every burn and bloody knuckle. they turn fish harder and keep them coming

Matt Binky

Why you should trade your spinner for an Alvey:
1. This is so often overlooked but the Alvey drag is vastly superior to even the top of the line spinners.As you let line off a reel the diameter of the spool decreases. This causes the drag to increase which means when you first set your drag you have to set it very loose or the drag will end up over tightened and fish will snap you off. People with spinners have this happen to the ALL them time and never notice. The much larger diameter of the alvey however means the % of diameter decrease is much, much smaller so you won’t have this problem. You can set the drag much higher on an alvey than you could on a spinner.

2. POWER! 1:1! I once had a guy with a spinner setup right where I was fishing and cast straight over my line. When it tangled he blamed me, screamed that he was going to cut my line and started reeling in.I had an Alvey. I very casually, and easily pulled both our lines in. Try as he might he could do nothing to stop me with his spinner. No comparison here Alvey is a skulldraggin’ monster!

3. Connection with your fish. Wether you are reeling in, letting the fish take line, floating a bait for bream or fighting a monster, an alvey lets you keep.your index finger on the line. You can feel exactly what is happening. It takes experience but with an Alvey I can outfish my mates on spinners simply because I can play every bite and stay connected. When I use a spinner I feel like a blind man!

4. Built to last!!! My grandad owned an Alvey. He didn’t use it for fun, he used it to feed his family. I couldn’t begin to guess the amount of fish, sand, sun and salt that reel has seen. Not only does it still work, but it still works PERFECTLY and feels no different to my brand new reels. Not only does this make them value for money, it makes them bloody easy to use, especially at the beach! You don’t have to treat it like a baby or even worry about it. If you are wading a wave wets your reel, doesn’t matter. Need to lift a big jewie? You can literally just drop your rod in the wash!

5. Maintenance… seriously… you take your reels in to the shop and pay an expert to service it which must be done regularly???? Seriously? If I need to service an Alvey it is literally one minutes work. Remove a screw, take of the spool of, give it a wipe, few drops of oil.. all done. Oh and they do not need this done very much at all!

Andrew Stephensen


The feedback you get from winding an Alvey meand you feel like you are catching a fish rather than beating eggs…

Ron D’Oh Hutson

You won’t loose a fish due to a seized reel, they just never bloody break down.

Pete Ox

If you love fishing from the rocks for bread and butter species like bream, drummer and luderick, you could do a lot worse than trade your spinning reel for an Alvey. Simplicity itself, and a reel that will survive a hard life on the rocks, an Alvey will give you the ultimate in control in the surging waves and direct winching power if required.

Matt McHugh

I bought my first Alvey Reel 30 years ago and I still catch tailor on Fraser island with it after countless dunkings in ocean , I can’t say the same for any spinning reels I have owned.

Mark Mannion

No maintenance, can’t break them, can drop them in sand and saltwater and they keep working. I would use nothing else from a kayak or on the beach, best bit of fishing gear I ever bought. If a Victorian store was doing the trade in I would be straight down there.

Paul Foot

Less moving parts to wear out AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED WHAT ELSE superior drag pull for deep sea fishing getting the trout from their holes theirs no real stronger

Stephen Jeacocke

Fished the rocks and estuaries for so many years and caught so many fish species. Always used Alveys for my bait fishing direct line control, easy to cast, affordable, almost indestructible, still use my 5″ backelite alvey today that’s nearly as old as me even my daughters use it. legendary reels never get bored using them after 40years don’t think I will

Alan Booth

You should get rid of your spinning reals because half my reels were my fathers they are over 50 years old still in tip top condition you get less line damage and twist ease of maintenance they are so versatile take any line with no problems i only have the old style but id say the new one would be even better and i can still buy all the parts to my old ones you cant say that about eggbeaters lol

Rico Schulz

Try washing an eggbeater out in the surf & keep fishing! Alvey all the way!

Matt Pie

Doesn’t matter how much you spend on a spinner, an Alvey can still take more punishment. The warhorse of fishing reels.

Paul Milligan

Love my 651c5 had it for 18 years and still going strong getting used most weekends.

 Mathew Donaldson


The Alvey way of fishing is the only way to fish. Fail proof reels, longer casts, better sensitivity, beach, salt and sand friendly. Easy to service, parts are no problem… Aussie made! Catch more fish…

Luke Sandison

“I’m serious about my fishing and when I hook a tournament winner I need a fishing reel that won’t let me down, especially after being exposed to sand and saltwater! In my opinion, Alvey Reels are the only fishing reels that should go anywhere near the beach”

Cliff Andreason | View Image

“Fishing for trophy Stripers in America is my passion and I rely on the only one reel to make it happen… the Alvey Reel. From one fisherman to another, if you are looking for a reel that can withstand any saltwater condition and is extremely reliable when you line is tight with a trophy fish, look no further than the Alvey Reel”

Luis G. Davila Jr | View Image