Alvey Ambassadors

Meet our team of Alvey Ambassadors.

We are very proud to have such a dedicated team of passionate Alvey Ambassadors Australia wide.

Tash Fee

Logan, QLD

Some of my earliest and fondest childhood memories were going fishing and camping at Moreton Island and Double Island Point with my family.  We would load up the old 1942 Willys Jeep with Alvey reels, tackle boxes and bait buckets. We spent weeks on end surf fishing for tailor, snapper and whiting on many of Qld glorious beaches.

40 plus years later, I’m still fishing, camping and continue to have so many more awesome “Alvey moments” with my husband, Shane, and my kids Reilly and Kasey.

In my “She Shed”, I have a dedicated wall for all my fishing and tackle gear, which includes many vintage Alvey reels, tackle boxes and various vintage Nautica as well as current Alvey products such as the new Orbiter–SR100+, Alvey Estuary Rods, Hot Pink Adventurer 55G Reel, Surf Champion 65 Combos and Glow Reels and all other glow range products. From my humble vintage Alvey cedar reels to Aero Rotor Technology, Alvey Reels is not only iconic in the Australian fishing community, it is also a “must have” in our arsenal of fishing gear. Alvey is not only a definitely a better way to fish, it’s the BEST way to fish!

When I’m asked why I love fishing so much? It’s simple really. – Fishing to me, is so much more than  catching fish, It’s about the intimate time shared with like-minded people, people you love spending time with. It doesn’t matter if the rod is bent or not… it’s the memories you create that matter the most.

I’m really a genuine lover of all things fishing. I even had a fish in my wedding dress!

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Archie Clark

Junior Ambassador
Wandong, VIC

My name is Archie, I’m 9 and am extremely passionate about fishing and I have been fishing since I could hold a rod. I love spending time on the water with my Mum, Dad and little brother Ollie and I am very lucky to have been able to fish in many places around Australia. I love learning about different fish species and have always had an interest in fishing tackle and gear, and learning how to use the right gear for my target species. I am very pleased to be an Alvey Ambassador and enjoy using their amazing gear. My favourite reel is currently the Alvey SR-60 spin reel because I love light gear fishing and it has caught me lots of different species, in both freshwater and saltwater.

I am very proud of my current “personal best” which is a 105cm Murray Cod! I am also very passionate about the protection of Australia’s natural waterways and the preservation of native fish species, and am always looking for ways in which I can care for the environment. I want to encourage other kids to fish, because it is not just a great sport, it is also a great way to learn about Australia’s wonderful waterways and wildlife and to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Brett Weiler

Caboolture, QLD

I became an Alvey Ambassador in February 2020, I have been an avid Alvey fan and user for over 45 years, I was taught how to use them on the beaches of Fraser Island in the 1970’s by my grandfather (Pop) and Fraser is still my most favoured place to fish to this day.

I love fishing for Whiting, Dart, and Tailor from the beaches and Whiting, Mangrove Jack, and Snapper in the estuaries. 1 of my favourite things to do is to prove to people that there is no type of fishing you can’t do with an Alvey reel, from fishing as light as possible, using braid on a side cast reel and even using soft plastics and lures with a side cast.

Most days if I am not fishing with an Alvey, thinking about Alvey Reels, or talking about them you’ll find me running the Facebook group Alvey Anglers Australia, a group dedicated to Alvey anglers here and all over the world. Yes, I am the ultimate Alvey tragic fanatic right down to their logo tattooed on my arm.

Alvey reels aren’t just a fishing reel to me they are much, much more. They create memories that through something as simple as a fishing reel can be passed through generations of a family along with the exact same reel. My son uses an Alvey reel that was his Great Grandfathers, then his grandmothers, then mine and now it is his. Now tell me any other reel that can do that and still work like it was intended to the day it left the factory 60 years ago. Alvey Reels aren’t just a reel they are a way of life, where quality and mateship mean something.

Brett runs the Alvey Angers Australia Facebook group – Join today!

Mark Ward

Weipa, QLD

I was lucky enough to grow up fishing. I grew up on the Gold Coast and spent my childhood in small boats and fishing from the shore between Southport and Jumpinpin. My father insisted that Alvey reels were the only reel worth buying so I used nothing but. In those days, if you showed up on a beach with a spin reel, you’d be called a southerner and be kicked out of the gutter.

In my younger years I made a trip to Cape York and fell in love with the area as well as the fishing. Cape York turned into an annual fishing trip for me and I spend many years fishing all over Far North Queensland until I eventually moved up here. I am now living in Weipa and spend every chance I get chasing barra, jacks and anything else that will eat a lure.

My lifetime of fishing has seen me work as a fishing guide on both the surf beach and in the estuary, compete in pro bass and bream tournaments, work as a journalist for fishing and boating magazines as well as the odd cameo on TV. My hobby over the past year or so has been editing fishing videos that I post on YouTube.

I have been fishing with the new Alvey Orbiter baitcaster and spin reels almost exclusively and love them. There is no better testing ground for reels and the Orbiters have not let me down. I still do a little beach fishing up north with my side cast reel but beaching on Cape York is flaunt with danger. But where else can you catch a coral trout with an Alvey from the beach?

Follow Mark’s fishing on his YouTube channel Wardy’s Fishing.

Harry Trickey

Junior Ambassador

Living in the Northern Territory gives me a wide variety of fish to chase from going offshore for pelagics and reef fish, or in the creeks chasing the fighting barramundi and mangrove jack. The Alvey rods and reels are an awesome set to use for all my fishing. I love using my Alvey baitcaster for live baiting and flicking lures for the elusive barramundi. I have caught lots of barramundi on the bait caster and a lot of good eating reef fish with the offshore OS300.

I love using the Alvey gear wherever we go and being an Alvey Junior Ambassador….. and getting good fish on them!

Minjaia (Minnie) Welham

Port Douglas, QLD

Growing up on the Daintree river fishing has always been a big part of my life, I love everything about life on the water chasing a bite! From deep water jigging Largemouth nanny’s, to coral trout on stick baits over the reef flats, marlin out wide and jungle perch in the creeks. They all come with an amazing and unique experience and Alvey have a reel to suit all my fishing styles, the Alvey offshore has fast become my favourite reel for 2022 landing myself some amazing fish to start of the year.

I live and breathe fishing and love to see the memories and excitement it brings to so many.

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