How do I tie the line off when storing my reel?

The Alvey Reel does not have a line clip but this simple knot works well.
Is easily tied while the reel is still on the rod.

Wind a loose coil of line over your finger and around the reel's line
surface so the tag end comes back to your finger.
Tie a half hitch around the line that is over your finger, pull up and
the knot will tighten on the line surface.
Pull down and the knot will release.

Please do not clip the line under your release lever. This may damage the rivet causing the lever to become loose.

Do Alvey make reels with left hand wind?

Yes most models will have a left hand retrieve version. The exception being some of the deep sea winches and smaller boat reels. Please check on our products page, these exceptions are noted.

The Turbo Cast reels are only available in right hand wind.

Can an Alvey Reel be used for fishing with Soft Plastic lures?

Alvey Reels are ideal to use with soft plastics. Because the Alvey Reel offers a 1:1 retrieve ratio and provides positive feel through your index finger, you will feel the slightest bites. Soft Plastics are usually fished slowly and the Alvey 1:1 ratio means you know exactly how quickly your plastic is 'swimming'. The other benefit is that once connected you will have maximum winding power. Alvey recommend the use of a small swivel a short distance from the plastic to reduce any tendency for line twist.

A tip when fishing plastics is to always keep the line tight (no bowing). This means that when you lift the rod tip to provide lure action, always wind up the slack as you drop the rod tip for next movement. Always ensure you are fishing the lightest possible jig head for the prevailing conditions.

Because the styles of Soft Plastics vary considerably it is advisable to ask your local tackle shop about rigging at the time of purchase.