Steps to change sealed ball bearings in 475 Ball bearing reels.

Remove old bearings

  1. Remove spindle cap and take the spool off the back plate.
  2. Remove ball bearing retaining bush on back of spool (this is a tight press fit, lever off carefully from a number of positions).
  3. Remove spindle from back plate, undo hex nut then using shifting spanner on the ‘D’ of the spindle unscrew the spindle.
  4. Locate the short end of the spindle in the front of the spool.
  5. Turn over the spool and spindle, rest the spindle on a wooden board and gently push down on the spool, this should force the bearings out of the spool housing.

Insert new bearings, note bearings must be replaced squarely or damage can occur when pressing into the housing.

DO NOT push in the new bearings on the inside part of the bearing as this will damage the bearing.

  1.  Place spool face down on a drill press table. Support the centre boss so handles are not damaged, or remove the handles.
  2. Using a piece of dowel as close to the same diameter as the outside of the bearing as possible, use the drill press to push the first bearing squarely into the housing.
  3. Insert the spacer bush.
  4. Repeat process 2 with the second bearing.
  5. Replace the bearing retaining bush, this may need to be glued.
  6. Screw the spindle into the back plate and lock into to place with hex nut.
  7. Assemble the spool to the back plate.
  8. Fit the spindle cap