You can increase or decrease the amount of drag tension available on this style of reel by rotating the handle plate.

To do this first remove the spindle screw from the front of the reel, and then remove the ‘D’ washer.

If you now undo the top handle plate lock nut whilst holding the handle plate, you will be able to remove the handle plate. Take note of the current position of your handle plate.

You will notice that the friction tube where the handle plate was located has 3 slots.

To increase the amount of tension you can apply through the drag advance the handle plate 1 slot in an clockwise position.

To reduce tension rotate 1 slot in an anti-clockwise position.

Replace the handle plate lock nut finger tight only to check your drag tension. If satisfied tighten but take care not to over tighten as you may damage the friction tube. Replace the ‘D’ washer and the spindle screw.