Deep Sea Winch Fishing


After firmly attaching the deck winch reel to the rail or mounting system of your launch, the line is passed through the roller runner* or guide ring. Ensure the line is wound on to the bottom of the spool. The rig, bait and sinker are then attached and dropped overboard (*Not available on snapper or mini winches).

With the star nut slackened, the sinker will quickly take your baited line down, but you must be ready to stop the spool with your hand immediately the sinker hits the bottom to prevent overrun. You should then tighten the star adjusting nut** to apply the desired tension on the line from the spool (**Not applicable to 1225A5).

An adjustable overrun bar is provided (on some models) which is set close to the rim of the spool to prevent the line from coming off the spool under normal circumstances; nevertheless, failure to stop overrun when playing line out off a free spool could result in some loose coils of line getting caught around the axle. If this should accidentally happen,

it is often quicker and easier to remove the spool in order to free the line.

Set the bait up from the bottom using the information from the depth finder. You then use the line as a hand line or set line checking regularly for a bite or weight on the line. When the fish are hooked wind up the rig to recover your catch. In very deep water, double winding handle systems such as on the Reef Queen and Reef King reels make the work a lot easier and also quicker when sharks are around because you want your fish up as quickly as possible.

Our massive line capacities on our winches  allow you to fish where no other reel can. Depths of over 1000ft (300m) have been fished with our large reels.

A range of line sizes are available up to 200lb breaking strain to allow you to chase large fish. 200lb braid is also on the market now and is ideal for fishing deep due to high sensitivity to bites and low water pressure resistance due to the small diameter of the braid.

The diameter of the winch is indicative of the depth of water you will be fishing and the recovery rate you require. ie our Reef Queen and Reef King winches are recommended for any deep water fishing.