Rock Fishing – Gary Brown

Alvey Rods Reels and Accessories, mixed with berley and prawns makes for a successful days fishing on the rocks.

Scotty, Paul and I ventured out to Bundeena and fished an area called the Cobblers. They say a picture can say a thousand words, so with this article I have included photos that will help you understand what you need to do to put together a successful and safe outing off the rocks.


Upon arriving you should check out the spot you are going to fish. Look for things like whether the area where you are going to fish is close to the water’s edge or is it high off the water. This particular spot was about six metres off the water. You will also need to check the condition of the ground or rocks you are going to be standing on. As you can see from this shot the footing was very stable, but you would be standing close to a sheer drop.





Before you start fishing you will need to make sure that you check out the conditions before you start fishing. Which way is the swell coming from? Which direction the current will take your bait. In this particular case the flow of the water was going from right to left, so you would need to direct your cast to the right of the white wash.


rock fishing photo 11 GB




Time and time again I have seen other anglers have their gear washed in. It is best to place your gear well away from the water’s edge.




rock fishing photo 12 GB




To keep it simple when targeting bread and butter fish species off the rocks all you need are rock boots or cleats, a bait bucket, small tackle box and a Alvey 600BC for the heavy work (10 to 12 kg) and a 60A (5 to 6 kg) for the light work.









Take in as much xanax online bread for berley as you can carry. On the return trip the bucket will be used for carrying the fish.









One or two handfuls of berley every five to ten minutes will do the trick.










The author with a nice leatherjacket and a silver trevally.







Make sure that you are wearing the correct footwear when fishing off the rocks when working close to the water’s edge.  Scotty was attempting to land a good sized drummer.








Scotty Lyons with an Australian salmon.




rock fishing photo 2 GB




If you have never fished for drummer before you will need to make sure all your gear is in tip top condition as drummer are a great fighter and will pull out every dirty trick in the book to get away.








Paul’s first ever groper. Two casts later he pulled in another one.






The outcome of a morning’s session using Alveys, peeled prawns and berley.





The outfits that I used are as follows:

Outfit 1 (Heavy gear).
Alvey 600BC  (6000BCV) spooled with 10 kilo monofilament line mounted on a 10 to 12 kg, 3.6 metre rod (ROD625). The 3.6 metre gave me the ability to be able to cast a lightly weighted peeled prawn about twenty five metres to the side of the white water. It also enable me to be able to dead lift the fish while fishing six metres off the water’s surface.

Outfit 2 (Light gear).
Alvey 60A  (625B) spooled with 6 kilo monofilament line mounted on a 3.6 metre Mag Bream rod (ROD625/L  RODBJA). This much lighter outfit enable me to cast a lightly weighted peeled prawn about twenty five to thirty metres to the back of the wash when the wind direction changed to a southerly.

Suggested Rigs

rock fishing rigs GB







To limit snags fish with the sinker right on top of the hook.







































To fish the wash and keep your rig free of snags use the bobby cork rig.