MODEL 475BFloatSeries

Dual ball bearings, graphite construction with Easy Cast System for right or left hand operation makes this our most popular float fishing reel. A spool lock device on the back of the reel allows you to stop the ultra free running spool turning when you are changing fishing locations or when you have finished fishing for the day.

The pressure from a slow current movement on a float should be enough to take line off a float fishing reel and our ball bearing reels allow this to happen. A broad rounded lip on the spool of the 475 reels allows fingertip control to release or recover line and move your float. The handles are usually only used when fighting and landing your fish.

To control a fish taking line on a direct wind reel the hand is taken off the winding handle and quickly applied to the line surface and spool to create back pressure. When the fish has slowed put your hand back to the handle and recover the line and the fish. Simply nothing to go wrong or break on this reel.

Can be used as right handed or left handed reel.


ROD555     Alvey Estuary Special  3.2m (10’6″) Hollow Glass 2 pieces suit line class 3-5kg

ROD555ET     Alvey Estuary Telescopic  3.2m (10’6″) Hollow Glass 2 pieces suit line class 3-5kg


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Blackfish-Luderick40 Yellowfin-bream40

Additional information

Weight 0.305 kg
Spool Diameter

Line Capacity

Rod Size


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