MODEL 651C5Rockhopper

This reel has the traditional stainless steel back plate with an extra long cross for maximum strength and the metal side cast system. It is also fitted with a very deep strong spool which holds up to a 1000m of 30lb line and a heavier clutch.The smooth clutch  is a multi-plate design with polished brass platescombined with fibre friction washers which can also withstand very high temperatures.

A lever to switch the anti-reverse mechanism on/off is on the back which is then allows the reel to be controlled by the clutch pressure applied by the star nut.

A fish alert switch  on the back side of the reel can be engaged when leaving the rod and reel unattended to warn you of a fish taking line

WARNING: We recommend that only low stretch line to be used because of the huge line capacity of this reel. If you have caught a very large fish that took a lot of line off you during the fight it can be worth running the line off the reel and wind it back on under normal pressure. This makes it ideal for chasing mulloway and sharks that like to take plenty of line off you in a fight.

Left handed reels are available.


ROD625  Alvey Surf & Rock Special 2 piece  Length 3.6 M ( 12 ft  ) Line Class 5-10 kg

ROD650 Surf Champion 2 piece  Length 3.9 M ( 13 ft ) Line Class 5-7 kg


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Tailor40 australian-salmon40
Drummer40 Yellowfin-bream40
mulloway40 Southern-bluefin-tuna40

Additional information

Weight 1.354 kg
Spool Diameter

Line Capacity

Rod Size


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651C5, 700C5

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