Gunnell Rod

Gunnell Rod

A new concept for easy deep sea fishing. The Gunnell Rod with a heavy duty marine grade reel mount will accept any medium to large overhead reel. The base features gimbal bar slots to mount into strong metal rod holders. The Gunnell Rod has a support handle to brace the angler (can be altered to suit right or left hand winding) and a smooth nylon washer to allow rotation to follow the fish. A sprung mounted line guide with moving guide ring will avoid excessive line wear.

This makes an ideal outfit for anglers not use to heavy game gear or deep sea combos. The support handle makes the Gunell Rod a safe and more comfortable option in rough seas. Great for a novice angler or as an extra set line.

NB Reel not included

International Patent PCT/AU2016/050761

See the Gunnell Rod in action HERE

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Weight 1.91 kg


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