Innovative New Turbo Cast

Innovative New Turbo Cast

Innovative New Turbo Cast (Model 650BT shown)

Using incredibly strong 50% fibreglass reinforced material, Alvey have upgraded the traditional side cast thumb press. Construction is lighter than the previous metal system but most of all it is not subject to corrosion like metal is. Effectively the Alvey reel has just got tougher!

The Turbo Cast release lever is in a new position making it easier for the angler to reach and hold for casting. It also sits approximately 6mm further off the rod which allows an increase in the flow of line off the reel which improves casting distance.

Just like all other Alvey Reels, the 5 year guarantee also covers any reels sporting this new feature so you can be confident your new Alvey will handle sun, sand and saltwater.

Now available on all Alvey Graphite 600 and 650 Series Reels.

Only available in right hand wind.




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