Roof Rack Rod Carriers

Roof Rack Rod Carriers

The Alvey Rod Carriers allows you to carry multiple fully rigged outfits on the side of your vehicle.
This allows for  clear vision and no height restrictions, drive straight into the garage without unloading the rods.
The rod carriers can be mounted on straight ended cross bar style roof racks and come in two styles.  'A'  suits  the 'Sports' cross bars while style 'B' suits the 'Heavy Duty' cross bars.

The racks are easily installed with the fittings supplied, and can hold up to 25kg. Mount the  large rack to the rear of your vehicle and the smaller rack at the front to hold the tip section of your rods.
Rods can be secured with an 'Occy' strap using the hole provided in the end of the rack, or secured with the Alvey Velcro Rod Wraps.



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