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47 (4.75″) V (Vented) N (Non Casting) 2 (Deep, No casting lip) X (Alloy)

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The elite of float fishing reels is CNC machined from cold forged 6061 Aluminium to extremely high tolerances. The latest in design and colour makes this a very appealing reel to own. It runs on two stainless steel sealed bearings and the spindle screw can add minute tension to the free running spool if required. The design of the spool allows finger winding in the holes of the front surface to control your float or handles when winding a fish in. Has fish alert activated button on back of reel. The fish alert switch can be engaged when leaving the rod and reel unattended to warn you of a fish taking line and to stop overrun when rigging or stripping line. To control a fish taking line on a direct wind reel the hand is taken off the winding handle and quickly applied to the line surface and spool to create back pressure. When the fish has slowed put your hand back to the handle and recover the line and the fish. Simply nothing to go wrong or break on this reel.

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Spool Diameter

Line Capacity

Rod Size



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spool diameter
120mm (4 3/4")
line capacity
rod size
2.5 - 3.5m

Matching Rods

Length 3.2 M ( 10'6"  ) Hollow Glass 2 piece with high quality fittings. Ideal Estuary and light surf rod Two piece construction with glass to glass ferrule suits 3-5kg line. Built with genuine FUJI runners and reel seat. Match with any Model 55 series reels to catch Bream , Whiting , Trevally , Flathead ,Tommy Ruff etc. This rod has a nice soft tip section but good overall strength as well making it ideal as a blackfish rod.
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