55GCT Surf Estuary Reel


Model No. 55GCT – 55 (5.5″) G (Graphite) C (Non Reverse Drag with Handle Plate) T (Turbo)



The 55CT is an ideal fishing reel for use in the surf and estuary. This reel combines a fibre-glass spool with a strong graphite back. The added feature of the Turbo Cast allows you to make long accurate casts. Accordingly match the 55GCT surf and estuary reel to our R55 2.4 m rod, or for more intensive surf fishing our R62L rod, 3.2m.

55GCT has a non-reverse action controlled by a switch on the back of the reel. With the lever in the 'OFF' position you can fish in free spool mode. While in the 'ON' position the non-reverse action is activated and the spool only releases line under tension. Furthermore, you are able to adjust the tension of the drag via the star nut on the front of the reel. This tension is applied smoothly through a multi-plate design of polished brass plates and PTFE coated woven glass washers.

The smooth drag of the 55GCT surf estuary reel allows you to fish with lighter lines. This also improves your casting distance and 'bite' feel when retrieving you bait. We recommend line in the range of 6 to 12lb breaking strain for this model. A stiffer line is ideal for the side cast reel, for example Platypus Low Stretch.

A fish alert switch on the back side of the reel can be engaged when leaving the rod and reel unattended to warn you of a fish taking line.

To make your fishing experience more comfortable combine our moulded rod bucket with a bait bucket and wading bag.

Approx. 620g

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Line Capacity


Matching Rods

R55, R60, R62L

Spool Diameter

140mm (5 1/2")

Reel Colour

Maroon, Yellow

Target Species

Flathead, Whiting, Bream, Dart, Yellow Belly, Bass

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