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Orbiter Offshore 160 matched to Rod 82


Alvey Orbiter - OSR160


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Designed in Australia, engineered to Alvey Reels exact specifications, and built to Alvey’s outstanding quality to  give anglers worldwide the largest Alvey Orbiter in the range.   Tested for 12 months in 3 countries, all anglers will be delighted with this latest addition to the Alvey Reel family.

  • Aluminium Body & Aero Rotor Technology
  • Reinforced Carbon Macromolecule (RCM) Rotor
  • Dual Colour Anodized Aluminium Spool With CNC Machine Cut Holes
  • Laser Engraved Spool Lip
  • Left / Right Interchangeable CNC Machine Cut Anodized Aluminium Screw-in Handle
  • CNC Machine Cut Brass Pinion Gear
  • Reinforced Die-Cast Zinc Main Drive Gear
  • Xtreme Tournament Carbon Disc Drag (XTD) System
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse System • Thick Bail-Arm System
  • Line Capacity (mm-m): 0.45-333, 0.50-310, 0.55-230
  • Line Capacity (PE-m): PE:7-350, PE:10 -310, PE:12-230
  • Weight: Approx. .714g

Anodized Aluminium Power Handle Knob
CNC machined with a 4.7:1 Gear Ratio | 16kg DRAG
9+1 Precision Stainless Steel Ball Bearings


Length 1.6 M (5 ft 6”) Tough Solid Glass 1 piece with quality fittings.

An even more powerful Boat rod to turn those stubborn big fish using line from 20-25 kg.

Runner set up will allow short casts if using a side cast model for a quick fall to the bottom.

Match up with Models 82GVCN2, 70C  series.

Ideal for trolling or bottom fishing for Snapper, Coral Trout, Mackerel.

Includes Heavy Duty Cardboard Rod Tube

Rods surcharge:   Due to the length of some rod boxes, we have been advised of a $20 handling fee on top of the general freight charge for shipping a box of this size.    Therefore some rods sold on our website will have this fee added to the price.   Rods purchased through an Alvey Authorised Retailer will not incur this extra charge.

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