Alvey ROS300 Bespoke Offshore ROD


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On an EXPO trip to the US we visited a bespoke custom rod manufacturer and we've since become great friends across the Pacific.   After finishing the testing on the OS300, we challenged our new friends to design a rod that lives up to the 30kg (65LB) drag, with a stiff action but retaining a light feel, perfectly balanced to the weight of the OS300 reel   ...and so the new ROS300 rod was born!

The best part is that this rod was designed, engineered and built with the best available components, each one being hand painted with the OS300 bespoke purple accents.

ONLY 20 available!   We don't know how long these will last.   So if you're looking for the greatest offshore combo you're ever likely to find, then look no further.


  • 1.8m (6ft) Carbon Composite
  • 20-25kg Line Class
  • 1 Piece
  • Spiral technology eyelets
  • Fuji Runners
  • Alps alloy reel seat
  • 25 ONLY Bespoke Rods
  • Unique, no two Rods the same
  • Perfectly matched to the OS300 Reel
  • Rod Weight 700g

Includes Heavy Duty Cardboard Rod Tube

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