Bait Pump – BP75+ PLUS


This model of the BP75+ is a game changer!

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This model of the BP75+ is a game changer!

Alvey Reels are proud to announce the launch of the first Bait Pump innovation in 50 years.

Designed in Australia, built and engineered to Alvey Reels exact specifications at our Carole Park factory, and built to Alvey’s outstanding quality standards to give anglers worldwide arguably the best bait pump ever made.

Tested for 12 months in all conditions, anglers will be delighted with this latest addition to the Alvey Reels’ family.


  • “Patent pending” new bait pump with unique suction adjustment via the plunger handle
  • No need to remove pump from sand or mud to adjust suction with wing nut as the wing nut has been eliminated
  • When the plunger is in the fully down position, simply turn plunger handle clockwise to increase pressure or anticlockwise to decrease pressure to adjust the amount of suction
  • Allows quick and easy adjustment while pumping to give most effective suction rate

With soft rubber grips over strong stainless steel handles, these suction pumps are for the extraction of worms, crustaceans and yabbies from sand and mud banks. Quality stainless steel and brass are used in their manufacture


  • Heavy duty handles do not bend
  • Multi-layer washers for better suction and reliability
  • Stainless steel bush and brass shaft for durability
  • Oversize wingnut for easy use
  • High density foam grips provide lasting comfort
  • 51mm diameter tube

304 Stainless Steel

*Alvey is a family orientated organisation devoted to our values without discrimination, bullying or offensive behaviour and as such Alvey Reels has strict guidelines around what we will engrave which includes no profanity or variations of profanity.

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