GLOW – Adventurer 55-X


Model No. 55-X – 55 (5.5″) X (Glo-X)


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New to the Alvey GLOW RANGE

This Adventurer GLOW 55-X is like no other reel based in the 55GT Reel

Charge this little beauty up in the sun for 2 hours to energize and based on our trials it will glow bright for 6-8 hours

The fibre glass spool runs on a small diameter stainless steel bush to give an extra free running action.   Graphite backed with Turbo Cast Base Assembly.

Left-Handed reels are available on request – Just drop a line in the comments on the check-out page if you would like a Left-Hand orientation.

*Alvey is a family orientated organisation devoted to our values without discrimination, bullying or offensive behaviour and as such Alvey Reels has strict guidelines around what we will engrave which includes no profanity or variations of profanity.

Spool Diameter

140mm (5 1/2")

Line Capacity


Matching Rods

R55, R60, R62L

Target Species

Flathead, Whiting, Bream, Dart, Yellow Belly, Bass

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