*NEW* Alvey Glow Sticks



Whatever you call them, they serve an essential part of fishing tackle, but now there is a Glow Stick with a point of difference.

Some of those include:

Energise for 2 hours in the sun, glows for 10 hours

By feeding the line, Mono or Braid, through the long axis of the Alvey Glow Stick (FIGURE 1), the glow stick will effortlessly and smoothly, SLIDE up and down the line and can be placed above or below the sinker depending on what you are fishing for as the Alvey Glow Stick is buoyant.

TIE the Alvey Glow Stick with a dropper loop knot, Paternoster, or Palomar knot wherever you want the Alvey Glow Stick to be static on the line (FIGURE 2).

To illuminate your fishing rod at night, TIE an Alvey Glow Stick to the upper side of your rod, so you can see the rod tip move if your line takes a hit from a fish.   Many Alvey anglers use rods rigged for different species at the same time, now you can see the rod tip move.

Attach an Alvey Glow Stick in or directly above your fishing float, wo it is visible when your bait takes a hit, and your float disappears underwater.

The Alvey Glow Stick is a FISH ATTRACTOR too and emits light with a frequency that fish just love.

Glow Stick Packs

10pk, 4pk

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