Reef Master Dual Wind


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Ideal for deep water fishing, the spool Diameter for the Reef Master is 285mm, this provides you with an average recovery rate of 755mm (31”) per turn. Spool is fitted with double multi-plate clutches and has a non-reverse action.

This version of the Reef Master Winch also features dual winding handles as well as the adjustable overrun bars and spigot to fit choice of mounting systems.

All our winches are built from stainless steel, brass and bronze metal components with strong moulded glass reinforced polyester spool to offer the keen amateur or professional fisherman a reliable piece of equipment that functions to catch fish in very deep water and last many years in a harsh salt water environment.

WMC (Winch Mount, G-Clamp)

*Clamp not included.

Spool Diameter

285mm (11 1/4")

Line Capacity


Reel Colour


Target Species

Snapper, Red Emporer, Coral Trout, Mulloway, Mackerel

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