Rockhopper 65


65 (6.5″) G (Graphite-Carbon Fibre) D (One way drag, handles on spool)  S (Signature Series) T (Turbo) T (Tri-Star Drag Nut)

Special Signature Series with Bruce’s signature engraved on back plate



A new super light strong Rockhopper is now available here!   Two new versions available!

The Carbon fibre backed Model No 65GDST weighs in at .760grms which has the traditional Metal Drag Star Nut and the  Carbon fibre backed  Model No 65GDSTT weighs in at .730grms is fitted with the powerful Tri Star Drag Nut allowing lots of pressure.

Both Models have the new Carbon Fibre super light and super strong spool fitted with large knob handles for better grip while fighting powerful rock dwellers and mounted on a Carbon fibre light weight strong backplate giving a superb light, but powerful reel.

The reels are also fitted with high tech carbon fibre clutch washers capable of producing an extremely smooth drag pressure to help control large fish.

While these reels have direct winding power to lift fish on the rocks without touching the drag setting, they also work just as well on the beach for general fishing.   This reel gives you the ultimate control over any fishing situation.   If you need more drag pressure just let go of the handles controlled by your pre-set drag pressure and palm the spool surface for extra drag pressure…. no adjusting star nuts or hand wheels while fishing.

Both Models come with the Turbo Cast System as well as ON/OFF drag switches and ratchet warning switches.

Match these reels up with our ROD R65S “Stealth”  for the lightest strongest rock outfit you can buy.

We have had a lot of requests to remanufacture this model so here it is, ready to go Rock and Beach fishing.

Special Signature Series with Bruce’s signature engraved on back plate.

Spool Diameter

165mm (6 ½”)

Line Capacity


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