Flush Deck Mount


The  FLUSH DECK MOUNT  is recessed into the gunnel or deck.

A spacer ring is provided to allow the deck winch to rotate.

Suits all Spigot style Deck Winches.

Winch can swivel in mount, clamp lever allows winch to be clamped in the desired position.

Mount has a retaining screw to stop accidental removal of winch.

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The flush deck mount allows the Alvey winch mount to be flush with the deck or gunnel. The spacer ring provided with the deck mount allows clearance from the deck or gunnel so you can rotate the winch. There is a tension screw that allows you to hold the winch in position and retaining screw to prevent accidental removal of winch from the mount. This mount suits all the Alvey winches. The mount is made from stainless steel to provide protection from the marine environment. Two brass bushes are press fitted into the tube to give smooth rotation of the winch.

Suits 14WC2M 12WC2M

Alternative WMA WMS


flush deck mount installation details



Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 14 × 10 cm
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