The Alvey Technique

This uniquely Australian system was developed by our company working with many of Australia’s top club anglers to develop an easy to use , comfortable , very efficient fishing system that can be used anywhere in the World especially in Estuary and Surf Fishing areas.

It is a unique fishing system that simply works better in a tough saltwater environment than any other reel.

Whether you are an every day angler or a competitive club angler there is an Alvey reel to suit you.

The right reel balanced to the right size rod which is built to suit an Alvey reel will give you a fantastic fishing combination that will help catch many fish over a lifetime.



When using an Alvey side cast reel you will need a purpose built rod to get the best results from your outfit.

An “Alvey” style rod is built with a low winch mount where the reel attaches to the rod. This is usually 150 -200 mm up from the butt of the rod. At this position you can fish for many hours with your arms in a relaxed position not reaching up to the reel as with some spinning reel and overhead reel set ups.

The low centre of gravity of the reel also assists with your casting action by applying downward force to the bottom of the rod while pushing the top section with your right hand to get maximum distance. It is not a difficult action if you follow the recommended system and after a couple of casts you will get results and then a little more practice will give even better results.


Many long distance and accuracy casting competitions have been won using Alvey reels over the years. Because Alvey reels rely on a 1:1 winding ratio they are normally a larger diameter to get a good recovery rate for the angler. This means the runners on the rod to suit an Alvey need to be positioned correctly to get the best casting results.



Generally the first runner or stripping guide is placed about half way between the reel and the tip of the rod. This can be either a large wire or hard guide 40-50 mm in diameter or a smaller diameter guide mounted up off the rod can work even better.


These are called “High Mount Runners” and can be fixed or fold down style. The rest of the runners to the tip are usually mounted similar to any other rod.






An Alvey style rod is also fitted with an “Open Runner” which assists to guide the line to the centre of the reel and protects your index finger from a heavy load when you are winding in a large fish. You only need to move the line occasionally from side to side to lay the line evenly with your finger while guiding the line.  Any style blank be it an ultra light beach rod or a blank for heavy rock fishing can be built to this design to get the best results from your Alvey reel.





Champion Anglers all around Australia choose to fish with Alvey Side Cast reels because they do really catch more fish with the benefits we are now going to talk about. The side cast action allows you to cast heavy baits  / rigs such as a full pilchard and 10 ball sinker or ultra light baits like a sea worm and a small sinker because the line can flow very easily from the shallow casting surfaces on our reels. Accuracy is easy with a side cast and can be very important when you know fish are in a certain area and you want to recast into that area repeatedly.


Fishing with an Alvey reel is extremely sensitive to fish bites either through the handles on the direct wind reel or through your index finger you are guiding the line onto the reel with. A spinning reel set up does not let you touch the line with your finger and the handles run through a gear system negating any fish bite sensation. When guiding your line onto the reel with you index finger it is important to lay the line on your reel evenly so you always have a relatively flat surface to cast off. The smoother you lay your line onto the reel the smoother it will come off in the cast. Even when night fishing the surface of your spool can be easily touched with your finger tips to check the surface shape.


With a direct wind Alvey you also have the advantage to be able to wind backwards to let a timid fish have more line without any pressure while they mouthing your bait.

This can often allow you to catch a good fish that could have been missed without this feature. You can not do this with a spinning or overhead reel.


An Alvey’s other big benefit is its reliability. Our direct wind plain reels only have a spool with handles running on a spindle and the casting mechanism are the only moving parts. These reels can be buried in sand rinsed out in the ocean and just keep fishing , no other reels can stand this punishment. Even the drag models can still handle sand and salt water without out issues. When you are a fishing a long way from home you need a reliable reel that won’t let you down.



We do recommend when you return from a hard fishing trip you do rinse the reel in a bucket of fresh water before storage. An occasional drop of oil on moving parts also ensure you get good performance out of your reel for many , many years.

While our reels do last many years we have many models of reels that are built to give the best results for specific types of fishing such as rock fishing , float fishing, salt water fly fishing etc. which are all shown in our Product section of the web site. Please have a look there for in depth descriptions for each model.