Surf 60GT


Model No. 60GT – 60 (6″) G (Graphite) T (Turbo)


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Our most popular direct wind light surf reel. The 60GT has the Turbo cast system and very strong light graphite back plates.   Long casts are guaranteed with this spool.   To control a fish taking line on a direct wind reel the hand is taken off the winding handle and quickly applied to the line surface and spool to create back pressure.

When the fish has slowed put your hand back to the handle and recover the line and the fish.   Simply nothing to go wrong or break on this reel.

A fish alert switch is on the back of the reel.   The fish alert switch can be engaged when leaving the rod and reel unattended to warn you of a fish taking line.   Minimal moving parts make fishing in salt water and sand not an issue, even a rinse in salt water has no effect on this reel.

*Alvey is a family orientated organisation devoted to our values without discrimination, bullying or offensive behaviour and as such Alvey Reels has strict guidelines around what we will engrave which includes no profanity or variations of profanity.


Line Capacity


Matching Rods

R60, R62L

Reel Colour

Pink, Yellow

Spool Diameter

150mm (6")

Target Species

Bream, Flathead, Salmon, Tailor, Mulloway, Dart, Drummer, Whiting

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