Light Surf C60GT Combo



• Great for light surf or estuary fishing
60GT  Alvey reel with Turbo Cast
R60 rod, 2 piece 3.2m (10’ 6”) purpose built Alvey rod.
• Medium action

Surf 60GT




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Rods surcharge:   Due to the length of some rod boxes, we have been advised of a $20 handling fee on top of the general freight charge for shipping a box of this size.    Therefore some rods sold on our website will have this fee added to the price.   Rods purchased through an Alvey Authorised Retailer will not incur this extra charge.

*Alvey is a family orientated organisation devoted to our values without discrimination, bullying or offensive behaviour and as such Alvey Reels has strict guidelines around what we will engrave which includes no profanity or variations of profanity.

Target Species

Whiting, Flathead, Bream, Dart, Salmon, Tailor

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